The Benefits of Using an Independently Owned Auto Repair Shop over a Dealership

With such busy lives many of us often make choices on autopilot without really thinking about it. Such as taking our cars back to the service department of the dealership where we purchased them. So, you may be surprised to know that less than half of new-car owners remain loyal to their car dealer after 2 years, instead going to an independent local auto repair shop. According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, 70% of car owners go to independent shops even while their cars are still under warranty.

A recent Consumer Reports survey shows that independent repair shops generally rank higher in overall satisfaction, price, quality, and on-time completion. Here’s why.

Personal Attention: Your local repair shop has the advantage on providing its clients with personal, individualized service. They know your spouse’s name, your children’s names, where they go to school, and more importantly truly care about you. At a dealership you rarely get to interact with an actual technician about your car. Instead, you have to rely on a salesperson to relay information and updates about your car which can lead to miscommunication and overall confusion about what is best for your car.

Locally Owned: As a locally owned independent shop, the owners also live in your area and they want to make sure their neighbors are on the road safely. They consider their customers an extension of their family and community and heavily rely on referrals to bring new business thus providing quality service every time.

More Experience: You may think the technicians at a dealership would be more knowledgeable than those at an independent repair shop. However, you will find that independent technicians provide a higher level of service than most dealership technicians. Not only do they know your vehicle, inside and out, they have broader knowledge and possess superior diagnostic skills that can only be gained from years of experience.

Lower Costs: An independent repair shop has the freedom to order and install parts from any manufacturer into the vehicle their servicing, including quality aftermarket options that perform better than the original part. As a result, an independent shop can likely offer a customer a repair for a lower price than a dealership that is required to use only parts and equipment from their own manufacturer.

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